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Marketing-Communication and Consulting Services

Enjoy Our Tour!

The Hall Group Inc. is invested in a variety of Urban Developments and Business Ventures.

We're proud to be a part of the business development team that will help

re-develop Urban Markets in major communities and surrounding Metro areas.

Chicago, Detroit, Newark where small businesses are helping grow big cities.. One Business at a Time!

From Retail Brand Building to New Concept Stores, to setting the tone for small business growth. Ask Us How!

  • Opportunity Detroit is a great marketing tool for the advancement of
  • Detroit Downtown Community.
  • Detroit's Business Communities are expanding with new concept stores
  • And pop-ups.
  • New entrepreneurs looks to introduce and test their products in these upscale pop-ups.
  • In re-building Detroit's Retail, Business and Entertainment Community,
  • Our development team continues to Recruit Rebuild Renew Business...

Chicago! continues to redefine that Urban Chic Community for Living, Working, Playing and simply enjoying ones own community and visiting others. Keeping this concept in mind, THG has recruited a team of marketers to build and develop concepts that are both exciting and engaging to shoppers.

The Scope of our Business Development

  • Building new concepts in various markets.

  • Introducing hand-made and recycled brands (that includes unique reclaimed

  • wood, glass & brick) and whimsical art for that natural & green concepts.

  • We've setting the tone for cross-merchandising re-designs concepts with varies of artwork in both home decor and jewelry. 

Assisting small business with additional tools to build their brand (s) in larges markets with advance opportunities for growth, adding walking path, bike rental, bike racks, street vendors and community marketplaces w/ outside exchanges...

Detroit has more Urban Rehab and Renewal to rebuild 

  • Small businesses can now has the tools needed to be a part of these cities re-build...

  • Pop-up, and new concept stores that are a major part in the growth of community

  • THG will be assessing and building employment opportunities for those w/ disabilities

  • Marketing to small business and young entrepreneur to employ disenfranchise

  • people in the community. 

THG was submitted a proposal of intent to work with other non-profit in a join venture as we start our Urban Farming / Community Bar 2019

The Hall Group Inc. is working within these communities teaching brand awareness via in-store services and promos.

AREAS TO PICK FROM THE GARDEN that includes PICKING , WASHING and EATING from the GARDEN W/ Vendor's varies wines...entertainment in a social setting that includes music in the park, all community based. Coming soon 2019

Community Garden Outside Entertainment